Student-Run Computing and Technology

Student-Run Computing and Technology (SRCT) is a student organization at George Mason University which establishes and maintains systems that provide specific services to the Mason community. Documentation is available on the SRCT wiki. Mason SRCT is active on Facebook and Twitter.

In August 2013 I was elected president of this organization. As SRCT president, I organized a large community of diverse student developers, liaised with university administration and other student organiations, and maintained organizational longevity. As an active SRCT member, I maintain leadership and development roles in several student projects.

Community Programming Initiative

The Community Programming Initiative (CPI) was created by members of Mason Student-Run Computing and Technology in collaboration with the George Mason Honors College so that George Mason students could have the opportunity to teach elementary school age children basic concepts about programming, and introduce them to the power of a degree working with computers.

Our main goal is to work with children from underprivileged locations in Washington D.C. and neighboring areas and introduce them to the concept of computer programming. Students are taught Scratch, a programming language designed by MIT with a simple drag and drop interface, to help ease the students into the swing of things.

OpenHatch@Mason — April 19, 2014

Members of George Mason Student-Run Computing and Technology, in concert with the OpenHatch team and the George Mason Linux User Group, are bringing an Open Source workshop to Mason students.

Open source software — software that is shared freely and available to build upon — is a great way to apply programming skills to real-world projects and social causes. This event specially welcomes newcomers to that style of development, and the day begins with teaching workshops that anyone can follow. Local members of industry and Open Source developers will be present to engage with students and provide mentorship.