sbt-artifactory A small sbt plugin that adds a resolver for Artifactory. Makes resolving artifacts from and publishing artifacts to either internal Artifactory installations or the JFrog Artifactory cloud much simpler.

sbt-openapi-style-validator An sbt plugin that supports validating OpenAPI specification files using openapi-style-validator. Useful for validating OpenAPI correctness at build time or during CI.

sbt-openapi-diff An sbt plugin that computes the diff between OpenAPI specifications using openapi-diff. Useful for determining backwards compatibility between versions of the same OpenAPI specification, especially at build or release time.

sbt-docker Docker image of sbt with pre-cached boot jars, emphasizing rapid startup time.

acs-language-survey Analysis of the most common non-English and non-Spanish languages spoken per state in the US. Built using Python and Pandas.

traveling-beersman Small graph data project to approximate a Traveling Salesman route between the local craft breweries in a city. Uses Apache Spark with data sourced from BeerAdvocate.

George Mason University Honors College

research-questions An open source platform for academic peer-review. Provides an intuitive system to facilitate scholarly conversations between students new to the research process. The conversation is facilitated by a rating and commenting system. An action logging system adds accountability to the student discussion, allowing faculty and mentors to moderate the service. Built on Django.

reading-scholarly-articles A visual guide for students first entering the research process. It displays a collection of sample open source research articles in a variety of fields and highlights the various components that are common to that field. Built with Bootstrap and a great deal of JQuery. Updates the NCSU library's Anatomy of a Scholarly Article project.

Student Run Computing and Technology

go SRCT Go is a university-branded URL shortening service. Go was originally written in Python with the low level mod_wsgi interface backed by MariaDB. It has since been rewritten in Django.

bookshare SRCT Bookshare is a textbook exchange platform for use by Mason students. Bookshare brings together buyers and sellers in a structured environment where items are organized by title, author, ISBN, and course number. Built on Django. User accounts are maintained using an external LDAP database while listing data is managed by a backend MariaDB database.